Ali El Shorbagy



Goerge Mahrous

CEO manager


mission and vision

Vision vision
To be a company that offers integrated solutions in the construction world, and to be broader and more accurate and quicker and strive towards building a better society.

Our mission is our mission

Expected goals and requirements of our customers to provide innovative solutions and proactive and to be the partner closest to you.

Our values, our values
Prove together to collaborate internally and compete externally for customer satisfaction.
Commitment to Quality
We are committed to exceptional standards of quality and speed performance and uncompromising.
  And the spirit of customer satisfaction is reflected in every member of the company mill where the quality requirements are mandatory cornerstone on which we build our success over the long term.
Continuing Education
Seriousness and commitment in the promotion of technical and business skills and customer service.
We offer training programs for our employees in order to get to the customer\'s requirements correct and accurate, and we seek to share our customers and our suppliers and our colleagues to know.
• Commitment to the development of the environment and society
Join forces to find solutions in the areas of construction and infrastructure to get to the community the finest and best
passion for growth and development
Specific goals and follow the leader
Spirit of Family
We are all our customers and partners a single family success

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